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A Promising Start with Some Initial Challenges

Spinomenal, a software company, emerged in late 2014 when founders Lior Shvartz and Omer Henya embarked on their journey to establish a game startup. In the years since, this Israel-based company has been remarkably productive, boasting an impressive array of video slot machines, all of which can be enjoyed for fun right here on this page. According to Spinomenal, their games have already brought enjoyment to over 2.5 million players, a testament to their success.

During its inception in 2014, the company appeared to have formed a partnership with Odobo, another rising player in the world of e-gaming, known for its platform for game development and marketing. Initially, two of Spinomenal’s slots were featured in the Odobo catalog, although they have since been removed. Additionally, Spinomenal introduced its own “social casino” named Casino Desires, although this website is currently offline.

Games Suitable for All Devices

Spinomenal specializes in HTML5-based slots, ensuring that all their games are accessible for online play, whether on a desktop computer or a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The company proudly declares that its games are compatible with various desktop browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera. On the mobile front, these online slots are optimized for Samsung Android mobiles, other Android devices, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone.

In addition to their game titles, Spinomenal offers an advanced API system, allowing their clients to swiftly install games and efficiently manage them with complete administrative control. This guarantees players a reliable gaming experience customized for maximum enjoyment while maintaining safety and responsible gaming standards.

5-Reel Video Slot Machines

Before diving into Spinomenal’s game offerings, it’s important to note that these games currently lack licensing from a regulatory body. However, this isn’t a major concern as they aren’t available for real-money play at online casinos yet. For a comprehensive online casino experience, you may want to explore Novomatic slots or Charismatic slots instead.

You can try all of Spinomenal’s slot games right here on ReallyBestSlots.com. These slots will transport players to various exotic and not-so-exotic locations around the world. Some intriguing titles include “Hawaii Vacation,” “Safari Samba,” and “Irish Lucky Charms.” For a taste of Mexican culture, there’s “Amigos Fiesta,” offering 243 ways to win and a Heat Meter feature that boosts potential multiplier wins after consecutive non-winning spins.

Feature-rich gameplay is a common thread in many of Spinomenal’s slots. “Forest Harmony,” for example, introduces players to magically transforming symbols, expanding wild icons, and two distinct sets of free spins. “CodeName: Jackpot” offers two wilds, free spins, and a “Break the Safe” bonus round. Meanwhile, “Iron Assassin” boasts chained wilds, sticky wilds, and a first-person shooter bonus game, all presented in full 3D animation.

One charming aspect of Spinomenal’s slot machines is their willingness to explore unique designs. Take “Terracotta Wilds,” for instance, a 100-payline slot inspired by the legendary Terracotta Army, built to protect China’s Emperor Qin Shi Huang in the afterlife. In addition to featuring an impressive array of historical artifacts, the game includes wild multipliers, free spins, and regenerating terracotta soldiers that come to life during gameplay.

Another distinctive title is “Nuts Commander,” which adopts a quirky, comic-style theme. This 100-payline slot, also featuring wild multipliers, follows the heroic adventures of commando squirrels battling for golden acorns in a shoot’em-up-style bonus game. It’s this element of “skill-based” gameplay that makes many of Spinomenal’s games so captivating.

High-Speed Slot Action

In today’s gaming landscape, quick and effortless thrills are highly sought after, and Spinomenal caters to this demand with its collection of “High-Speed” slots. These games offer players the convenience of instantly loading gameplay, even in areas with limited internet connectivity. How is this possible? Well, these games are all incredibly compact, each measuring less than 3MB in size, making them among the lightest slot machines available today.

Thankfully, this compact size doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. These slots still boast impressive visual aesthetics and a plethora of rewarding gameplay features. Take, for example, “Gangster Slot,” which immerses players in the gritty criminal underworld, where mafia bosses stop at nothing to succeed. Fortunately, this slot gives punters a winning edge with its bidirectional wins, free spins, and a multiplying win factor that grows after each unsuccessful spin.

In fact, most of the slot machines in the High-Speed collection adhere to a similar gameplay formula. These bite-sized games typically feature 5 or 9 paylines, bidirectional wins, free spins, and a multiplier that increases whenever a winning symbol combination eludes you. While this formula may seem repetitive, Spinomenal offers a wide range of diverse themes, ranging from titles like “Tennis Champion,” “Viking’s Glory,” and “Candy Slot Twins” to more unconventional games like “Year of the Monkey,” “Slotsaurus,” and “Eat Them All” – a unique blend of horror and gardening themes!

Exceptional Games with a Significant Downside

In the realm of slot machines, Spinomenal has crafted some of the most captivating games on the market. Their titles boast exceptional design, and many of them are brimming with unique bonus features that introduce an element of skill to the gameplay. Even if a game doesn’t feature an array of explosive gameplay elements, it might belong to the High-Speed series, delivering a compelling spinning experience for those seeking a quick gaming fix. However, there’s one significant drawback – and it’s a substantial one: these games are currently unavailable for play at any online casinos. We can only hope that it won’t be long before we can finally spin these thrilling reels at real-money online casinos.

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