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Straightforward Graphics and Mechanics

When you first visit Hacksaw Gaming’s website, you’ll be greeted with vibrant colors and simple cartoon-style graphics. In a world dominated by 3D slots, their minimalist approach is a nostalgic throwback. Their cartoon characters are charmingly basic, reminiscent of beloved childhood TV show characters. For instance, Canny the Can from the Stick ‘Em! slot game wouldn’t seem out of place in a Mickey Mouse cartoon.

These straightforward yet memorable designs help Hacksaw Gaming’s slots stand out in the crowded market. While there’s certainly a place for flashy games with elaborate graphics and bonuses, there’s also a demand for simple games with clean aesthetics.

Hacksaw Gaming’s decision to prioritize scratch card games over slots for their initial releases is an interesting one. It’s a savvy strategy, as scratch games typically require fewer resources and development time compared to slots. This approach has allowed Hacksaw Gaming to swiftly build their brand and reputation. Now, with a solid foundation, they can expand their focus to include slot content alongside their scratch cards.

Scratch Cards and Slot Games

Hacksaw Gaming has been quite prolific in creating various games, with one of their standout releases being “Shave the Beard.”

When you launch this scratch card game, you’re greeted by a cartoon character sporting a Santa-like beard. If you’re playing on a computer, your cursor even transforms into a razor. To reveal your potential winnings, you must shave the character, as the winning numbers are hidden beneath his facial hair.

It’s a simple yet incredibly entertaining mechanic. Even on mobile devices, where the razor cursor doesn’t appear, you still remove the beard in the same manner. Trying to shape the beard in amusing patterns can add a layer of fun to the gameplay. This creative twist on a straightforward concept showcases Hacksaw’s innovative approach.

In “Shave the Beard,” winnings can range from 0.50 credits to 50,000, and the inclusion of a jackpot adds excitement and encourages players to give the game a shot. Instant win games like this have a dedicated following and are immensely popular.

“Stick ‘Em!” marked Hacksaw Gaming’s debut in the slot game genre. It’s a straightforward 5-reel slot with the same signature cartoon style that defines Hacksaw’s creations. The game offers free spins and a bonus feature with a prize wheel. Landing the high-paying “Thumbs Up” symbol across all 20 symbols can yield a 2048x multiplier on your initial bet. To help you achieve this, the “Thumb” symbol becomes sticky, granting you free respins as you aim to collect them.

While “Stick ‘Em!” doesn’t introduce groundbreaking gameplay mechanics, it serves as a fun starting point for Hacksaw Gaming in the world of slots. Many players will find it enjoyable to spin the reels in this game.

Over the past few years, Hacksaw Gaming has introduced a small collection of “POCKETZ series” slots, optimized for mobile play. These games continue the company’s colorful and quirky design approach. Titles like “Cubes” and “Om Nom” stand out among other 3D games due to their unique features and distinctive flair. “Cubes” features expanding reels where you start with a 5×5 grid but can expand it to an 11×11 grid with each win. On the other hand, “Om Nom” includes random mystery symbols that can multiply your wins by up to 100x.

With their strong track record and a knack for innovation, Hacksaw Gaming is expected to deliver more exceptional games in the future.

Strong Collaborations from the Outset

Launching a new slots game online can be a challenging endeavor, particularly when it comes to finding a platform to host it. Hacksaw Gaming tackled this issue by securing exclusive rights for “Stick ‘Em!”. If you’re interested in trying this game for real money, your sole option is to play it at the LeoVegas online casino. LeoVegas is renowned for offering enticing bonuses to both new and returning players. The fact that Hacksaw Gaming managed to secure an exclusive agreement with LeoVegas for their debut slot is a testament to the quality of their product.

For those who prefer Hacksaw Gaming’s scratch cards, you can find them at the Wildz online casino. This partnership is another testament to Hacksaw’s growing reputation. Operators are eager to collaborate with this brand, and as they continue to attract more players, their already stellar reputation is bound to grow even further.

Committed to Mobile Innovation

Hacksaw Gaming has a crystal-clear objective: to ensure that all of their games are compatible with mobile devices. They acknowledge that while other developers may express interest in this goal, there’s still much progress to be made.

Scratch cards offer a prime opportunity for innovation in the realm of mobile gaming. The act of scratching, which is inherent to these games, translates seamlessly to a touchscreen interface. Hacksaw Gaming stands to outpace its competition if it can prioritize innovation in this domain. Major developers like NetEnt have made their mark by pioneering innovative mechanics, a trend also observed in slots from Relax Gaming, Pull Tabs slots, and titles from other inventive studios. As Hacksaw Gaming expands, it should look to these brands as exemplars.

Keep an Eye on This Company

Hacksaw Gaming may have initially focused on developing scratch cards, but it’s evident that they are ready to venture into the world of slots, bringing new themes, styles, and gameplay to the table. They’ve established a distinct aesthetic for their games, as seen in titles like the Wild West-inspired slot, “Wanted: Dead or Wild.” This consistency will contribute to building their brand identity. Starting out in scratch cards has given them valuable experience in establishing partnerships with online casino operators, as evidenced by their impressive collaboration with LeoVegas. If they can secure similar deals as they continue to produce games, they are poised for success.

By making some adjustments to their website and social media strategies, they can enhance their reputation among players, ultimately gaining the brand recognition they deserve. It won’t be long before we see more exciting slots from Hacksaw Gaming. Be sure to give them a spin – you won’t want to miss out on their games!

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