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Wazdan: Pioneering Innovation in the E-Gaming Industry

Wazdan may not hold the title of the largest entity in the e-gaming industry, but its team of developers and software programmers form a tightly-knit group that ranks among the most skilled.

The team proudly boasts members with over a decade of experience in the online gaming sector. This ensures that both casino operators and players can have confidence in their interactions, as they deal with individuals who possess the expertise to craft functional casino software and captivating slot machines.

The company’s overarching mission and vision are far from modest. The studio is dedicated to providing casino operators and players with the ultimate gaming experience by employing the most advanced technologies available.

Wazdan has earned several prestigious awards, including the esteemed title of Online Casino Innovator at the CEEG Awards in 2018, as well as Start-Up of the Year at Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards 2018. Additionally, the 9 Lions slot clinched the Hot Hit Product award at the 2018 G2E Asia Show. Competing against industry giants like Microgaming and NetEnt, this relatively young games provider exhibits a serious commitment to its craft.

Evaluating Wazdan’s Commitment to Excellence

In the fast-paced world of e-gaming, the disparity between words and actions is evident. Amid the recurrent declarations of new software companies aspiring to “be the best,” one wonders how often these claims hold true. If these statements were converted into pennies, we’d likely possess enough to indulge in the vibrant casinos of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yet, as skeptics, we ponder how we can substantiate the integrity of Wazdan’s creative minds. Despite their inception, the absence of awards for “Best Newcomer” raises questions.

To derive insight, let us shift our focus to the caliber of service they provide, a holistic casino platform solution. This encompasses not only a robust online platform housing an extensive array of slots but also the integration of cutting-edge technologies within a mobile-optimized casino framework.

Wazdan’s platforms transcend the mere hosting of exclusive slots from their in-house game development studio. They boast full customization capabilities, enabling seamless integration of third-party content.

Notably, games from Wazdan demonstrate remarkable versatility, accommodating all currencies, including cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, they offer gameplay in 18 diverse languages.

Wazdan’s Stringent Licensing and Fair Play Commitment

Wazdan not only crafts engaging and easily accessible games but also upholds the integrity of its gambling products by adhering to industry regulations. The studio proudly holds a Class 4 license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), along with licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and Curacao e-Gaming.

Compliance and Player Protection

This signifies the company’s alignment with the industry’s most rigorous standards concerning player safety, game equity, and responsible gambling promotion. The pursuit of additional accreditations from prominent licensing bodies is also imminent.

Elevating Fairness through Rigorous RNG Testing

Additionally, Wazdan’s software employs an IDQ Random Number Generator (RNG), meticulously tested and endorsed by NMI, a globally recognized independent verification entity. This assurance assures players that each reel spin is entirely random, resulting in an equitable and genuinely exhilarating gaming experience.

Strategic Base for Expertise

Operational from the Mediterranean haven of Malta, a pivotal hub in the online gambling landscape, Wazdan benefits from direct access to a vast pool of local talent.

Wazdan’s Diverse Range of Engaging Slot Titles

Wazdan’s extensive collection of slot machines promises a captivating gaming experience. Boasting over 100 titles, all developed in-house, the company offers a rich array of themes and gameplay styles to cater to diverse player preferences.

Diverse Themes and Gameplay

Within its repertoire, Wazdan offers a range of retro-styled slot machines, appealing to enthusiasts of traditional slot spinning. Among these classics, Hot 777™ stands out as a game of timeless charm. Featuring 3 reels and 5 paylines, players can seek out lucky number 7 combinations. However, beneath its straightforward appearance, this unassuming slot boasts substantial bonus gameplay opportunities. Engaging with the game can lead to securing up to 45 free spins and tripling wins through full-house matches.

Furthermore, players can savor the delight of fruit machine spins in Magic Fruits 27. This 3-reel online slot game introduces 27 diverse ways to win. Notably, the game introduces a special joker symbol that enhances winning combinations by substituting for other icons.

Beyond the classic framework, Wazdan introduces innovative 3-reel experiences. Fenix Play 27, for instance, seamlessly blends the simplicity of fruit machines with the mythical allure of the phoenix. Adding to the excitement, this game incorporates a progressive jackpot feature, adding an extra layer of intensity to the pursuit of rewards.

Wazdan’s Wide Array of Captivating Slot Titles

Delve into Wazdan’s assortment of video slots, each offering unique gameplay experiences. The collection is replete with options, catering to various player preferences and styles.

Unique 4-Reel Experience

Before exploring the realm of video slots, it’s worth highlighting Wazdan’s distinctive 4-reel online slot creation, Tetri Mania. This retro-style slot machine breaks away from the conventional fruit machine mold, instead immersing players in a nostalgic journey reminiscent of the classic arcade game Tetris.

Expansive Range of 5-Reel Video Slots

Wazdan’s portfolio of 5-reel video slots presents a captivating array of themes. From adrenaline-fueled options like Highway to Hell and Crazy Cars, appealing to motor enthusiasts, to enchanting titles such as Bell Wizard, Magic Target, and Magic of the Ring, the diversity is impressive. Players seeking underwater novelty can dive into Captain Shark, while those craving razzmatazz can experience Night Club 81, and those yearning for excitement can join the Beach Party.

Seamless Gameplay Experience

Wazdan’s user-friendly website allows players to explore the game range in demo mode. Notably, the company employs the HTML5 coding protocol, ensuring smooth gameplay across both desktop computers and mobile devices, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

An Expanding Collection

With over 100 slots, in addition to video poker, roulette, and card games, Wazdan’s offerings are extensive and continually expanding. The company’s commitment to frequent content releases underscores its dedication to providing engaging and evolving gaming experiences.

Innovative Wazdan Features Enhancing Gameplay

Wazdan takes pride in offering a distinctive selection of seven Unique Wazdan Features, enhancing the gameplay experience across their game portfolio. These features provide players with added convenience, customization, and excitement, setting their games apart.

  • Energy Saving Mode: A remarkable inclusion is the Energy Saving mode, optimized for both mobile devices and desktop computers. This mode significantly extends battery life for mobile play while also catering to desktop users, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient gaming experience.
  • Ultra Lite Mode: Designed for players facing poor internet or mobile connectivity, the Ultra Lite mode is a game-changer. This mode substantially reduces game load times, ensuring smoother and uninterrupted gameplay even in challenging network conditions.
  • Gamble Feature: Following a win or the conclusion of a free spins game, players can activate the Gamble Feature. This feature allows for the doubling of prizes and offers the opportunity to engage in a 50/50 gamble up to seven times. The feature’s adaptation to the theme of each slot adds an element of thematic coherence and engagement.
  • Double Screen Mode: Wazdan introduces the innovative Double Screen mode, enabling players to simultaneously view the game’s pay table and the actual reels. This unique feature provides players with easy access to crucial game information without interrupting their gameplay.
  • Big Screen Mode: On the contrary, the Big Screen mode immerses players further by occupying the entire screen with a detailed close-up view of the reels. This mode offers an enhanced visual experience, perfect for players who prefer a more focused and immersive view.
  • Ultra Fast Mode: For those seeking a faster-paced gameplay experience, the Ultra Fast mode comes into play. This mode turbocharges the game speed, adding an extra layer of excitement and intensity to the gameplay.
  • Volatility Levels: Perhaps the most intriguing innovation is the Volatility Levels feature, granting players the ability to adjust a game’s volatility in real-time without altering the RTP. This revolutionary feature offers Low, Standard, and High Volatility options, empowering players to customize their gaming experience according to their preferences.

Incorporating these innovative features, Wazdan empowers players with enhanced control, engagement, and enjoyment in their gaming journey.

The Gaming Platforms

If you’ve found satisfaction in the excellence of the demo games, you can indulge in the spinning action of numerous Wazdan slot machines across the platforms of the company’s partnered casinos. Wazdan doesn’t solely focus on game development; it also offers an online environment where players can engage in real-money wagers.

As of the time of this review, there are two prominent online gaming platforms that exclusively feature Wazdan slot machines. These platforms are Diamond World Casino and Vegas Casino.

Fresh, yet Remarkable

Wazdan software has positioned itself as an impressive contender despite being relatively new to the iGaming industry. The company boasts a comprehensive and diverse game catalog, a rarity among emerging game developers. Moreover, the inclusion of the Unique Wazdan Features reflects the company’s forward-looking approach, offering players a distinctive range of options that distinguishes its offerings.

However, what truly sets Wazdan apart is its refusal to settle for crafting solely entertaining gambling games. The company’s aspiration to provide a complete casino platform, backed by licenses from esteemed regulatory authorities, showcases its commitment in a competitive market. Explore free Wazdan slots here on ReallyBestSlots, and venture into games by other leading developers like Saucify slots and Portomaso Gaming slots available across this platform.

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