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Green Machine Deluxe, created by High 5, is a unique five-reel slot game with free spins and a jackpot bonus. If you enjoy making money, you’ll appreciate the wealth-building chances provided by this online casino slot. Additionally, if you’re a fan of slots with multipliers, be sure to give this game a try.

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The Green Machine Slot Machine

Ever heard the phrase about something being so profitable that it’s like “printing money“? Well, in reality, things are seldom that straightforward. Even if they were, minting money isn’t a walk in the park unless you have your own mint. Nevertheless, the concept is universally relatable – who wouldn’t want a machine that dispenses cash on demand?

If you’re intrigued by this notion, you might find The Green Machine, a Bally-developed slot machine commonly seen in brick-and-mortar casinos, quite entertaining. It’s a distinctive and refreshingly uncomplicated game in the gaming industry, offering unique features that set it apart from the majority of slots. It also serves as a gentle reminder that the idea of effortlessly printing money might be a tad overstated, as it’s a touch more complex than that well-known saying implies.

No Lines, No Symbols, No Problem

In most slot machines we’ve encountered, the objectives are straightforward. You glance at the screen and aim to align identical symbols from left to right along your paylines. This format is so prevalent that it’s almost taken for granted that any game you play will follow this structure, with any deviations clearly explained beforehand.

The Green Machine departs from this norm entirely. While it’s technically a five-reel slot, it differs significantly from the typical machines you’re accustomed to.

The first striking feature when you approach this game is its notably large cabinet, often serving as a focal point on many casino floors. Furthermore, you can only wager up to five credits per spin, an unusual occurrence for a five-reel setup. However, in this case, you’re essentially paying one credit for each reel you wish to activate; if you opt for just one credit, only the first reel contributes to potential prizes. The credit value may vary, but $1 or $0.50 are commonly used denominations.

After determining the number of credits to play, it’s time to set the reels in motion! What you’ll notice is that the majority of “symbols” on this machine are essentially blank spaces. It’s quite common to spin all five reels, watch them come to a halt, and then see nothing but blank spaces enclosed within green ovals on your screen.

Among these blanks, however, some spots conceal prize amounts. For a $1 spin, these start at just one dollar but could potentially contain prizes ranging from hundreds to even thousands in a single symbol location. A typical top prize stands at $5,000, and it’s possible to hit this multiple times on the same spin.

Each time you land on one of these dollar amounts on an active reel, in any of the three symbol positions, you secure the listed prize. That’s all there is to it: no matching requirements, and every symbol that appears guarantees you a prize. On every spin, all the revealed prizes are awarded to you, tallied up and added to your balance once the reels cease spinning. If you’ve played fewer than the full five credits, all the reels will still spin, which means you might see some “almost wins” on the parts of the display you didn’t activate.

Some Versions Include Bonus Rounds

In certain casinos, The Green Machine is as straightforward as previously described. Nonetheless, specific iterations of this game offer the potential for free spins. To trigger this bonus, you simply need to land the free spins symbol anywhere on the screen, and you’ll receive a few complimentary rounds. What makes these free spins special is that they feature an increased number of winning symbols, significantly boosting your chances of winning during this unique feature.

If you’re interested in playing this game online, it’s currently not available at internet-based casinos. However, High 5 Games has developed a social version that’s free to play. While you won’t win real money through the H5G adaptation of this machine, it provides an excellent opportunity to experience how this slot distinguishes itself from conventional games.

Challenges of Going Green

If you’ve grown weary of the usual slot games, we can’t recommend a better option than The Green Machine. It offers a departure from the everyday gaming experience you’re accustomed to, and whether that’s a positive or negative aspect depends on your preferences. If you’re the type of player who can tolerate extended periods of losses interspersed with occasional substantial wins, then this game might provide an exhilarating experience. However, the gameplay is quite straightforward, which could lead some gamblers to lose interest as they repeatedly encounter mostly empty symbols.

In any case, Bally deserves credit for introducing an incredibly innovative game. It’s unlikely that anyone will spend hours continuously feeding money into this game, but for an occasional session that breaks the monotony of spinning the reels, this title unquestionably delivers.

Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller iGaming Writer
Last Updated: April 22, 2024
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