5 Reel Slots

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How to Play 5 Reel Slot Games?

Although all free 5 reel slot machine games differ in gameplay, the essence is the same. The first thing a gambler needs to do is to switch the coin size. This function is hidden under the button, which is located at the bottom of the playing field.

Free 5 line slot machines have a minimum bet limit of 0.01 coins per line. The maximum amount depends on the developer of the slot. Some machines allow you to put a maximum of one coin, and some from 10 to 50 coins.

While having fun with five-reel slot machines, the currency may vary depending on the online casino. Those of the gambling establishments that cater to Japanese citizens use yen, while those that aim to work with English citizens accept pounds sterling.

When playing gambling slots with five reels, keep in mind that the number of coins per line and the size are two different things. More often than not, in gambling slots, the coin size acts as the actual bet per line. You could, for example, put $ 0.01 per line and bet on 20 paylines. At this rate per line total bet per round will be $ 0.2.

In some games you can bet in credits, in which case the player decides how much each credit will be worth. Each credit is called a coin (token) and is worth as much as the player decides. The value of each coin is called Coin Size or Coin Value.

There are machines where the token is called Bet, Level, or Bet Level. The functionality of this button allows the gambler to put a few coins on the line. As the gambler puts more on the line he has a chance to get a bigger winnings. If the stakes are credits, the player also wins credits, the value of which is determined by multiplying the number of credits by their value, selected before the spin.

Once the gambler sets the coin and bet size, all he has to do is spin the reels and wait for luck to be on his side. In slot machines, the ‘Spin’ button is usually placed in the lower center or right-hand side of the playing field. In machines, the button is either a ‘Play’ button or a round arrow. Some slots have ‘Spin’ written on them

Free 5 reel slot machine games

If a gambler has a desire to play free online 5 reel slot machines, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. In the vast majority of online casinos offered for this purpose to take advantage of the demo mode of the slot. Demo mode allows you to run free 5 reel slots bonus no download and play for fun without making real money in the player’s personal account. Any visitor to the online casino can use the demo mode of the slot machine to play, regardless of whether it is registered as a customer casino or not. The exception to this rule are games with live dealers.

In a game of interest, the process is business as usual, but in this situation virtual money is used for betting, and there is no real money in the game. This means that when playing in demo mode, the user will not be able to get their winnings in the form of real money into their game account in their personal account.

Using the demo mode allows any gambler to try out the slots and other entertainment at the casino without risking their own real money. If a visitor is new to the world of gambling, he should first try playing free 5-reel slot games and learn the mechanics of their work and only then proceed to play for real money.

Demo games also appeal to those who want to play the slots and have fun without resorting to betting real money.

5 Reels Online Casino Slots Types

There are several types of 5-reel slot games currently being produced by developers. Below are the most common and popular varieties of five-reel slots and the number of lines to form paid symbol combinations. Gambling slots, which have 243 and 1024 ways to form prize chains of game symbols do not function like the standard slot machines.

To get the cash prize in a standard spin, when playing these machines, you need to fall the same symbols on the adjacent reels, and regardless of where they fall out.

These two types of gambling slots pay for a combination of prize money falling out as from right to left, and in the opposite direction.

Among the variety of types of 5 reel slots can be distinguished:

  1. 5 Reel 9 Lines slots.
  2. 5-Reel 100-Lines.
  3. 5-Reel 1024 Ways.
  4. 5-Reel 40-Lines.
  5. 5-Reel 243 Ways.
  6. 5-Reel 20 Lines.
  7. 5-Reel 30-Lines.
  8. 5-Reel 50-Lines.
  9. 5-Reel 15-Lines.
  10. 5-Reel, 5-Lines.

5 Reels Slots Bonuses

Virtually all 5 reel slots contain several different bonuses, the form of the bonus reward its size and number of bonuses depends on the developer.

There are slots with jackpots. Each online gambling provider develops games with 5 reels that allow you to compete for the jackpot.

When entertaining online for real money, a gambler can come across two types of super-prize – fixed and progressive. Progressive – created by subtracting a small percentage of gamblers’ bets and usually much larger than a fixed jackpot. A progressive jackpot is much harder to win than a fixed jackpot.

By running 5 line slots free online, gamblers can look forward to other ways to earn big cash winnings, among them:

  1. A series of freespins.
  2. Additional mini-games.

Free spins can be obtained by using the Scatter, which guarantees a reward when it appears at any position on the playing field.

The presence of the wild symbol, which allows you to replace any standard images in the formation of paid chains, gives the opportunity to get real cash.

A variety of types of online casino bonus rewards are triggered when playing for real money, giving gamblers a certain amount of bonus money to play with without spending their own financial resources.

Why 5 Reels Slots Are The Best?

Below are some of the most popular five-reel slot machines that can be played at any time. The mentioned gambling slots are available in most online casinos and deserve special attention from gamblers.

Mega Moolah from Microgaming

This slot is dedicated to the theme of safari in the vastness of Africa. The slot is very popular, this is due to the fact that the slot has taken the place of the most paid gambling machine in the world with the largest jackpot. The game made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the slot paid the biggest jackpot measured in eight figures.

Twin Spin from NetEnt

The HTML5 Twin Spin slot has 243 ways to form winning combinations and 5 reels. There are no lines as such and the bet per spin is a multiple of 25.

HTML5-slot Twin Spin promises gamers exciting gameplay and a lot of positive emotions. The double reels and Win Reel feature gives gamers a taste of the new color scheme and makes them happy with numerous combinations.

Jurassic World from Microgaming

Jurassic World has five spinning reels with the pictures needed to create winning combinations and trigger prize options.

There are no active lines. Bet per round is a multiple of thirty. On a spin is taken up to three hundred and sixty coins.

This is a cool model with excellent graphics, exciting bonuses, multiple payouts and a user-friendly interface. The machine has a low level of variability.

Mega Fortune from NetEnt

Mega Fortune is a slot machine known Swedish developer NetEnt. It takes players into a world of luxury and glamour, where they travel exclusively on luxury yachts, private jets and shiny limousines, smoking expensive cigars and drink exclusive champagne. This machine can not just win, but also hit a big progressive jackpot NetEnt.

Mega Fortune offers different ways to boost your capital and gives you the chance to compete for one of three progressive jackpots:

  • Mega Jackpot – the most impressive jackpot, formed by deductions of 5.39% of players’ bets;
  • Major Jackpot – the second largest Mega Fortune prize, with NetEnt contributing 1.1% of all bets;
  • The Rapid Jackpot is the third jackpot and is made up of a 1% payout, it is slightly smaller than the Major Jackpot and has a higher chance of winning.

Mega Fortune jackpots can be won in a special round where you spin the Golden Wheel of Fortune.

Da Vinci Diamonds from IGT

Da Vinci Diamonds is a five-reel video slot with twenty continuously active lines, Tumbling Reels, special symbols, free spins and other options.

While the Da Vinci Diamonds video slot doesn’t have any unusual options or special effects, it’s a very high quality slot that’s a real pleasure to play. Free spins and the Tumbling Reels feature are particularly pleasing.

Wild Panda Aristocrat

In Wild Panda slot machine, the main storyline is a Chinese theme where the main character is a panda. Wild Panda is a great option for beginner players without any frills, everything is accessible in a simple and concise manner. Video game has a variable number of active lines player can independently set the slot machine 5 lines.

The highlight of the slot is a well-defined storyline, plenty of bonus games, huge payouts and the chance to compete for the impressive progressive jackpot.

No Download, No Registration and other Advantages

The vast majority of 5-reel pokies slots can be entertained online without having to go through the registration procedure. Free demo versions of the gambling machines are available for most 3D and video slots.

Slots demo mode can be a great way to practice and find the right strategy to play. By playing free slots, the user can try to have fun with different machines and choose the most suitable option for themselves, without the risk of losing personal funds.

The ability to play without registration allows any casino visitor to have fun without having to go through the online casino registration process without installing any software.

Mobility is one of the advantages of slots, and most gamblers can run them on their mobile devices without any problem. Many providers are optimising their games for mobile players as this market continues to grow.

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